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There are four common types of hydraulic winches

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Hydraulic winch is a common winch, which plays an important role in construction, hydraulic engineering, forestry and other industries. According to the original power of the equipment, it is divided into four types of equipment. The following describes the four types of equipment:

1、 Wheel Winch:

1. This is a relatively new winch system, that is, the driving force is provided by the wheel shaft. The principle is to use 4 of the 6 fixing screws of most off-road wheels to fix the winch.

2. Advantages: the installation / disassembly is very simple. Changing the tire is a step. It is lighter than any other winch. It will not be brought fatal additional weight by the front suspension. It is cheap and can provide front and rear two-way tension.

3. Disadvantages: because the power point is the axle, the position is too low, so it can not be used under some conditions, and the engine power must also be used.

2、 Hydraulic winch:

1. The power / power steering system of the vehicle is used as the power source, and the power steering pump is used to provide the power source.

2. Advantages: it is easy to install. Because its external fixed parts are basically universal, and can be exchanged even in the field, the driving force is between the electric and PTO winch, and the chance of high temperature is rare.

3. Disadvantages: like the PTO winch, the engine driving force must be used, that is, the engine must be kept rotating, and the power steering system cannot be used in case of failure. In some off-road situations, the power steering system is vulnerable to external damage.

3、 Electric winch:

1. The winch is driven by the vehicle's own power system. Advantages: it can be basically used normally when the vehicle is dead. It has great advantages, especially in areas with more water. It is simple to install, and can realize multi position installation and rapid displacement.

2. Disadvantages: it can not be used for a long time. Due to the limitations of the vehicle's own power system and easy heating, most electric winches can provide less driving force and can only apply force in one direction (they can only be pulled forward when installed in the front of the vehicle and backward when installed in the rear).

4、 PTO Winch:

1. Using the output power of the transfer case as the power source has the advantages that it can continuously provide large tension, long single use time, no heating problem, and can provide multi-directional tension front, rear, or even left and right.

2. Disadvantages: engine power must be used, that is, it cannot be used when the engine cannot work due to water inflow and other reasons. The transfer case cannot be used even when the winch direction driving force is lost.

Hydraulic winch plays an auxiliary role in mining, wharf, marine engineering, construction and other industries. When selecting products, we should select products according to our actual situation and operation site. Buying a product suitable for our own quality is very important for future use.

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